Do what you love

Fridel launched his first business at age 16 with his friend Christian Springub. They taught themselves how to code and started creating websites for customers—the only obstacle being that their parents had to get that first business license for them.


Over time, Detzner, Springub, and co-founder Matthias Henze realized that instead of building websites for people, they could create a tool to let people build their own sites, without any coding required. That idea led to the launch of Jimdo in 2007. As a bootstrapped company, they built the first version of the Jimdo CMS in an old barn in Cuxhaven. The revolutionary product democratized the website creation process and made it easier for entrepreneurs to launch their ideas and find success online.


During the next decade, the three founders created a sustainable, profitable company that’s a resource for business owners around the world.


Today, over 20 million websites have been built with Jimdo—online shops, blogs, portfolio websites, and more. In 2015, Fridel, Christian and Matthias won the prestigious Grunderpreis or German Founder Prize in recognition of the company’s innovative product and corporate culture.


At Jimdo, Fridel’s proudest accomplishments have been in design, product development, and the creation of a sustainable, inclusive company culture that values independence, openness, and balance. He believes that you can only succeed if you challenge yourself and love what you do.


Those values extend to his non-Jimdo life as well, where you can find him kitesurfing, paragliding, speed gliding, freeskiing, road and mountain biking, running, traveling, and of course, doing handstands.


Fridel is currently working with Deutsche Welle on a documentary about founders in different countries. For this project, he’s lucky enough to get to travel the world with a camera crew to visit entrepreneurs around the world and learn from their experiences.


Jimdo is the easiest way to create a website on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet, with no coding required. Today, businesses around the world have built over 20 million Jimdo websites.


Fridel travels across the world giving talks about his experiences as an entrepreneur and his new series Founders Valley.  Find out more about past and upcoming talks!


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