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Maria Tarasova


"Jimdo’s design templates are better looking, and the paid plan offers more advanced features. You can even sell stuff from your Jimdo site." 

“The firm is also an exception when it comes to internal transparency and decisions about who does what—and how ... Regular hack weeks encourage creativity.”

“Jimdo is a super easy service for creating and managing your own website. [It] Jimdo provides ease of use as well as a way to sell your goods right from your website.”

"People who use Jimdo to create and publish their own basic website know how versatile yet easy-to-use the tool really is – I know because I used the service myself to set up and manage a site for my wedding last year."

"The mobile version allows you to snap photos and integrate them right into your site. As you might expect, it's great for designing a mobile website. And, you can start a site on the Web and make the finishing touches on your phone or tablet.” 

“You can build a pretty robust Web site (including a small shopping cart) without spending a dime." , "Jimdo for iOS gives you a nice way to get down the bones -- or make small changes while you're out and about.”