Founders valley

For the past 18 years, I pursued the same idea with a passion, and that was to create a website builder that anyone could use to promote their project online. Now I’ll be going on a new adventure with Deutsche Welle (DW—Germany’s public international broadcaster) to speak to other entrepreneurs and learn about how they’re making a difference in the world regarding the issues affecting their country.


The Founders Valley project with DW gives me the perfect opportunity to learn about other countries, see different perspectives from other entrepreneurs and witness firsthand the progress and new technology that has occurred since I started. All whilst doing what I’m passionate about—it’s an opportunity that makes me truly grateful.


I will travel with DW across at least 8 countries in Asia, depending on where the journey takes us. We’re a small team: a two-person camera crew, one journalist and myself. I hope this keeps us agile and we can get some great, in-depth stories behind the people and global issues affecting these countries such as urbanization and global warming.


I hope this experience will give me the chance to build a more complete picture of what’s going on in the world and how entrepreneurs can make a difference. As an entrepreneur I think it’s important to find the right problems, this is the basis for any innovation or improvement. I look forward to connecting with new and interesting people that will open my eyes to the impact others are making across the world. Read more about my journey with Founders Valley in the blog!




"...I spent 18 years working and creating a website builder to help entrepreneurs promote their business. Now I want to expand my horizon and explore the new approaches that entrepreneurs are coming up with to solve the most pressing issues affecting our world. I believe in the power of the human spirit to find solutions to solve problems and make the world a better place...”